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I changed the application, plus I'm bored, so I decided I'd fill it out. :D


Name Alicia
Age 16
Location Augusta, GA
Sexuality Straight
Dating/Single/Married Single
Birthday August 17

♥Let Us Know♥

Pick Atleast Three Topics From The Ones Listed Below & Write Something About Each One. Don't Write A Two-Three Line Statement, Go In-Depth. Speak Strongly.

Abortion I think this is such a touchy situation. I believe if I was ever raped, I couldn't go through the thought of carrying a child that was placed in me through a crime, although at the same time I think everything happens for a reason and if you don't feel like you can take care of the child, put the child of for adoption, so the child would still be placed in a caring home.
Teenage Pregnancy I've had sex & I'm a teenager. I think it's a beautiful thing. But, I also believe the only way to prevent pregnancy & STD's is through abstenience and I think it's awful how so many young people are becoming pregnant, although I don't look down on them, & also I think it's awful how so many people are getting STD's. It really upsets me. :\
George W. Bush
Michael Jackson
Straight-Edge Kids
Rating Communities I think it's great how there are so many commuities are out there to rate you. Although, I hate communities that will say no to you on the littlest little things. I mean come on, not everyone is perfect & typos & what not are going to happen. Plus, I never knew the internet was an english class, I think it should be all in fun. & Where do half these people have the right to tell someone they are ugly? OMFG. It's the damn internet. Kay.
Gay Marriage


+5 Movies Fifty First Dates, The Little Mermaid, Land Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, and Ammeityville Horror
+5 Bands The Postal Service, Missy Elliott, Ying Yang Twins, Hawthorne Heights, & Gravy Train
+3 Actors Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Vince Vaughn
+3 Actresses Drew Barrymoore, Rachel McAdams, & Nicole Kidman
+5 Songs "Lose Control" - Missy Elliott, "Ohio Is For Lovers" - Hawthorne Heights, "Hella Nervous" - Gravy Train, "The Crowing" - Coheed & Cambria, & "Just The Girl" Click 5
+3 Emotions Happy, Jumpy, & Intelligent
+5 Past Time Swimming, Movies, Mall, Music, and Playing Pool
+5 Food Mozerella Sticks, Shrimp, Pizza, Lunchables :DD, and Cereal<33
+3 Place To Shop American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, & Wet Seal
+5 TV Shows Boy Meets World, Laguana Beach, Sponge Bob:D, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and The Real World

♥ Looks/Personality ♥

Describe yourself in five words. Funny, Short, Open Minded, Giggly, and Smoker
What are your favorite kind of shoes? we rockin' stilletos hoe ;]
Make us laugh. I'm just funny, period. All of you know that. :D
Your favorite memory Whenever I went to Disney World with my mom & step dad about four years ago, it was just so great. I was just a happy little girl back then!
What means the world to you? My family, without a doubt.
What is your biggest fear? OH GOD. SO MANY! Deers, Macktrucks, Police Officers, Being Lonely, almost everything. lol
Eye Color Brown/Green
Hair Color Brown/Blonde
Height 5'1"
Weight 115
Shoe Size 7 1/2 - 8
Do You Have Any Tattoos/Piercings? If so, where? I have my ears pierced. Three in one side & two in the other. I used to have my belly pierced, but it became infected so I had to remove it.

♥ In The Last Month Have You.. ♥

Smoked: Yes
Drank Alcohol: Yes
Went On A Date: No
Gone To The Mall: Yes
Been Dumped: No
Gone Skinny Dipping: Yes :D

♥ Random Questions ♥

What Makes You Happy? My family & my friends, oh yeah. The internet too, I'm a dork.
Tell Us One Unique Thing About You I have a very long tongue, everyone says it looks like that tongue off of KISS. lol. I can touch my nose with it also and my chin, too :D
Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years? Graduated from college with a steady relationship, if not married, financially stabled, finally experiencing the real REAL world.
If You Could Be One Person For A Day, Who Would You Be & Why? I would be Marilyn Monroe, she was so beautiful and was such a great actress, that would just be amazing.
What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Ever Done? I went fishing on a swamp, in a JOHN BOAT! If you don't know what that is, it's a really REALLY small boat and I was the smallest person on there, the big boy kept dancing, gah. I felt stupid for ever going out there. & Then they got ME to get out the boat, step into the swamp and pull the boat in.
What Is One Thing That You Regret? I regret losing my virginity, because to be truthful it made me crave sex & it just sucks.
Tell Us A Secret! My pinky toe on my right foot leans a little bit and it looks funny!
What Is One Thing You've Done & You Would Never Regret? Finding the great friends I have today!
Have You Ever Shoplifted? Nope I haven't
Have You Ever Been Drunk? oh god yes.
How Many Types Of Drugs Have You Done? 3
Ever Been Beaten Up? NOPE :D Haa!
Ever Been Called A Tease? Yes
Do You Like Thunderstorms? Yes
Do You Think You're Attractive? Sometimes
Do You Smoke? Yes
Do You Swear? Yes

♥ In The Last 24 Hours Have You.. ♥

Bought Something: Yes
Taken A Shower: Yes
Brushed Your Teeth: Yes
Smoked: Yes
Done Drugs: No
Drank Alcohol: No
Hugged Someone: Yes
Kissed Someone: No
Told Someone You Loved Them: Yes

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