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Abortion: I don't think its right to kill a baby. Unless its harmful to the mother or it was forced. if they make the choice to have sex, they have to deal with the consequences.
Star Wars:haha never really watched since i was little. but everyone seems to like it :)
Bush: he's okay. i'd really rather have him than kerry, but if i had a choice i'd have neither :)
Gay Marriage: it's their choice! who are we to say no!?
Dresscode At Schools: I don't think the way you dress does anything. except making all the kids who show too much cover up, but thats only at school.
No Smoking In Public Places Policy: i like it. i don't smoke and don't want to be breathing in smoke :)

(list atleast five each.)

MoviesBreakfast club, Sixteen Candles, Eurotrip, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Fat Camp, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
BandsTaking Back Sunday, Straylight Run, Further Seems Forever, Fall out Boy
ActorsErm, don't have many but i'll try! Ben Affleck,Vin Deisel, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Chris Rock
Actresses i only have about two....Kirsten Dunst and Dakota Fanning
Songs haha oops forgot to do this one..
Bleed like me-Garbage
Broken-Seether/amy lee
Dear Jamie- HelloGoodbye
erm..thats kinda all of em', the other ones i don't remember the names haha.

Let Us Know..

Describe yourself in five words.Shy, Quiet, Funny, Friendly, Nice
What are your favorite kind of shoes? we rockin' stilletos hoe haha yes. i really should have read the rules before i posted this :( bad me bad.
Make us laugh. Knock Knock. Whos there? I'll Mop, I'll mop who, haha i made you say poo. yea, i know it sucked :( lol.
Your favorite memmory Going to Florida with my family.
What means the world to you? My friends and family
What is your biggest fear? Death, or heights.

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:) ♥

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