July 14th, 2005


You know what I noticed a lot about on communities that PISSES me off? Well...not all communities-but the one that I promoted to here. They SAY they are an open minded community-but then when someone disagrees with someone elses opinions they totally shoot that person down. It's like-OKAY WAY TO BE STUPID FUCK TARTS!!!! Sorry-I just felt like venting...anyway...

The little boy I babysit for just came in and said, "Do you wear SEXY underpants?"


Also...I was wondering if you'd be interested in having heartlessb1tch be a sister community? I am the co-mod, and it's been around for like...half a year but it never really got popular. So I was thinking if we became sister communities the people from both communities would apply to both _______sike and heartlessb1tch. Okay-yeah. Let me know.