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I'm now announcing the winner of the most points. This person will recieve 15 autoaccepts & 15 autorejects. All the points are cleared out now & it's a new start. <3 Keep promoting & lets keep this community going. :D Also, don't forget to keep participating in the 4th Of July theme, It's not over until the 24th. In TWO days, I will post a voting post allowing you to vote on who you believe has the best 4th Of July post/pictures. :D

In the end, these are how the points stood:

oopixiedustoo - 525

___motormouthxx - 485

final___lullaby - 340

anorexicfrog - 90

redhot_ktpepper - 10

burntoutstars89 - 220

jessop - 50

nikila - 180

dirtybeautiful7 - 30

u_dont_know_x - 120

shatteredsoul66 - 370

The points we're close, but the WINNER is..


You have recieved 15 autoaccepts & 15 autorejects! Use them well. <3

Thanks Everyone! ♥

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