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..x.. Jessica..



Name Jessica
Age 15
Location england - wednesbury
Sexuality messed up at the mo.. lol
Dating/Single/Married single and loving it


Abortion: not right in some ways
Star Wars: crap
Bush: dnt like him
Gay Marriage: support it!
Dresscode At Schools: c-r-a-p.. jumpers - ew
No Smoking In Public Places Policy: gd! i cant stand smoke! it makes me cough really bad.. have nothing agaist ppl smoknig.. my mom and dad smoke but i cant stand it..

(list atleast five each.)

Movies dirty dancing, save the last dance, ghost, all american pies(so 3:P)
Bands my chemical romance, the used, lost prophets, eighteen visions and linkin park
Actors jim carey(spelling lol) dats it
Actresses dnt have one
Songs seether and amy lee broken, bon jovi always, lost prophets make a mover, lost prophets last train home, the used take it away

Let Us Know..

Describe yourself in five words. random, sensitive, lazy,bold, bitch
What are your favorite kind of shoes? vans at the mo converse r slipping in lol
Make us laugh. i cant.. i am funny in random ways..
Your favorite memmory ermm... wen i was lil andi spinned round really face and bashed my face open lol it sounds nasty bt i look bka dn its funny how i did it.. and i got to miss skool! woohoooo
What means the world to you? my dog ad my family
What is your biggest fear? blood!!

PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTOE! will do and i will let u know who i have :P
[promote us in atleast one way, if you do this in more than one ways, you'll get brownie points :D]

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