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I just wanted to share this with everyone

My boyfriend and I are quite ruthless...and you should really read the whole thing because it's GREAT reading.
quEenfroStineLM3: Your mom
XpiromaniacX56: what about my mom
XpiromaniacX560: you wanna mess
XpiromaniacX56: lets go you big toed math teacher
quEenfroStineLM3: .........
quEenfroStineLM3: hahahahahhahaha
quEenfroStineLM3: my mom said...what the heck?!!!
quEenfroStineLM3: Well your a SLIMY SCIENCE TEACHER
XpiromaniacX56: your a pizza faced pimple poppin puss squirting history teacher
quEenfroStineLM3: YEAH? Well your a rooten-tooten-paramicium brained-thermometer smelling-poop drinking-cum guzzling-anus swiper
XpiromaniacX56: your a shit smelling piss shooter homoerectus anul dwelling butt monkey who eats fleas and licks your butt
quEenfroStineLM3: hahahahahahaha
quEenfroStineLM3: Your a cactus breathed-petal pushing-drinks your own sperm-retarted stapler-fat farming-penis shaving-snot sucking-jizz mopping-big butt fucking-dyke smelling WEENER HEAD
XpiromaniacX56: hahahaha
quEenfroStineLM3: hahahahahah
XpiromaniacX56: yeah well your a smelly poopy pant camry driver with a pididle who smells nasty has rank ass farts man whore with a 142 inch penis growing out of your belly button wierdo honor society spanish speaking freak
quEenfroStineLM3: Yeah? Well you are a stupid stupid boy that can't get his own girlfriends boobs name right that gets 5 day OSS' for no reason and ends up being his own mothers bitch, who lets other chicks hug him and suck his nipples which are bigger than San Fransico, that can't even understand a whole sentence of spanish-let along jibberish-who poops less than any other man alive on this earth.
XpiromaniacX56: yeah because that is all insulting right
quEenfroStineLM3: yep.
XpiromaniacX56: those are all the reasons why you love me
XpiromaniacX56: lol
quEenfroStineLM3: What are you talking about?
XpiromaniacX56: idk
quEenfroStineLM3: you just cant come up with anything else
XpiromaniacX56: yeah ok
quEenfroStineLM3: its true
XpiromaniacX56: you pencil pushing take out person who babysits in her free time and has to drive to danbury to see her bf smarty pants who wants to go to castleton for college to major in spickishnese so she can talk to spicks in america and let them hit on her at work and kiss other guys besides her bf and drops her phone in sprite
quEenfroStineLM3: are ruthless.
XpiromaniacX56: you told me i couldnt come up with anything
quEenfroStineLM3: IT'S ON NOW BITCH!
quEenfroStineLM3: WELL
quEenfroStineLM3: You are a 16 year old without his license, sad excuse for a "brother", penguin fucking, bumkiss, mexican zoo keeper, Hitler worshipping-cock jockey, Colonel of ALEXANDER STEVENSONS ANUS, slow child that will follow his girlfriend to Castleton because he loves her, that lets his lover cry on his shoulder and make pools out of his collar bone holes, rockstar partier that can't even do his own essays for American Experience.
XpiromaniacX56: your a toliet clogging poop flinger who losses her turtle heads in her friends house while she calls her bf to ask how to plundge a toliet. who is wierd and cant poop at her bfs house and when she finally did she clogged it and makes her bf fall more in love with her every second who trys to take ppls homework to do it but then realizes that she has to do her own essay and crys when she leaves her bf because she loves him and he loves her more even though he never wins
quEenfroStineLM3: Not really. I cry because I know I wont be able to laugh at your NASTY ass for the next day.
XpiromaniacX56: yeah ok you are the one with the nasty stinky ass
quEenfroStineLM3: YOUUUUU my love, are a....
quEenfroStineLM3: And you are a gifted metrosexual who pees at a 90 degress angle
XpiromaniacX56: and you are my BABBA BALLU baby kangaroo who has to sit to pee because you have a cooter and not a penis so you cant stand up and pee at a 90 degree angle
quEenfroStineLM3: hhahahaha yep!
XpiromaniacX56: and i love you more

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