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So, I think I'm gonna shut this community down.
Theres no point in keeping a dead community open.
So probably tomorrow or tonight, I'll shut it down..
Unless someone else wants to keep it open.
but it's been dead for about 2 months.

fav. actress

I know we said we closed this community but since you guys are stillt rying to get it to keep going which I love you guys for I'll do this, also I wanted to say sorry for being so inactive on LJ period lately. Senior year is really stressful & expenisve :\

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Okay.. Lets try to get this place going..
I think this week everyone should post a picture of your favorite actor/actress and explain why you like them so much.
and try to promote! i've been doing lots of promoting but just one person isnt going to help. we need everyone to try!
welcome home

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this community is sorta...dying..
c'mon people we can do it! haha.

i was looking for places to promote,but all those promote without joining things just don't help, so anyone have any ideas?♥

(sorry for any spelling mistakes, its after midnight and i'm nothing after 12 lol.)

closed // SORRY GUYS<3

You guys are really great & thanks. But add me on LJ :] I don't update much but I tend to comment. This community is just hard to keep up with, I didn't know it would be such a responsibility. But, if anyone wants to take over, just let me know.