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Lyrical GIFs

Alright, I know a lot of people don't keep tabs on this & all.. But I like to put my stuff somewhere other than just sitting idly by in my photobucket.

So, tonight, I have brought some animated lyrical GIFs for you to use as a background or whatever you want. Please credit when you use though.

001. Our first item up for bid [hehehe] is a beautifully mastered GIF with lyrics from Pedro the Lion. I don't know the exact song.. It's just on my computer under "Track 07." If you know the song name, you should let me know.
Feel free to pocket this with due credit.

002. Our second item up for bid [hehehe] is an animated rendition of some Goo Goo Doll lyrics.. The song name is Hate This Place. Please feel free to pocket this wonderful image with due credit!

003. Our third item up for bid today is an intricately mastered lyrical GIF. It features lyrics from My Own Summer [Shove It] by Deftones.

004. Our fourth item up for bid today is a great deal! It also features lyrics from Deftones.. My Own Summer [Shove It].

005. Our fifth item up for grabs today is a special one.. I used it on my own journal for a while because I really liked the lyrics.. It features cuts from Echo by Incubus. Good deal.. Please take with proper credit.

I thought you might like
some of this stuff.. because
I just had it sitting around
not doing me or anyone
else any good. So,
in the goodness of
my heart, I decided to
leave these for you people
to take with proper
credit of course.

Have fun.






/End of stuff. Have fun. Enjoi. Ha.

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