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Name: Heather

Age (no applicants under fourteen!): 17

Location: lincoln park

Sexual Preference: 1/2 lesbian

Status (married, dating, single, etc.; post a photo if you'd like: i am engaged to my boyfriend.

Hobbies/interests: rollerskating, dancing, singing, playing with my band, watching movies, hangin with friends, playin spades, my lj! of course, and probably hundreds of other things i didn't mention!!!


Three or more favorite bands/artists: lincoln park, staind, tim mcgraw*(i know, i'm a dork, but i love country)

Three or more favorite books/authors: cut/ patricia mccormick, where the wild things are/?, and hmmm?... all of the bernstein bears books!

Three or more favorite films: drop dead fred, nightmare on elm street, house 4( don't forget to eat your favorite pizza man!)

Favorite websites:
livejournal, verybestbaby.com, thisisacryforhelp,
A favorite quote:


What is your opinion on...

...abortion?: never

...drugs and alcohol?: not anymore, since i'm pregnant

...gay marriage? i completely agree with gay marriage, how can sum one tell you who to love, thats fuckin bullshit, love is love no matter the race sex or species(lol)

...premarital sex? if i said i didn't agree with it, that would make me a hypocrite, and it would seem as though i regret getting pregnant, but my thoughts are i wish i would have waited for marriage, because so amny guys use the word love and you will never know you have it until you really know, so if you make sum1 wait for marriage it will mean more to them and you, i used to be a whore no lie, but when i got with my boyfriend i realized that i deserved better than to be used by guys for sex, i love him more than anything and i wish that i could take back all of those one night stands and broken hearts, sex makes it hurt ten times worse after you break up with sum1 b/c then all you do is regret it, and you can never take it back, me and my boyfriend, neither one of us were virgins when we met, but we say all the time how much we wish we were so that we could give each other our everything, thats all.

...capital punishment (the death penalty)? depends on what they do

Give us one reason why we should accept you: cuz i'm there for all of you even if i don't know you!

Say something nice about/to each moderator (and try to stay away from generic stuff about our pretty eyes; show us you care! glance at our journals or userinfo!):
barbieismywhore:has the cutest little brother ive ever seen.
____ultrasex:the sweetest person ive ever met
sugarpuss:she really cares about the community

If you are able to, make us a promotional banner:i dont know how.

Promote this community in two places that allow it and provide us with links:http://www.livejournal.com/users/fatal_kiss17/10736.html



Post NO LESS than three and NO MORE than six CLEAR photos of yourself. (By "clear", we mean no blurry shots, nothing Photoshopped, no huge or tiny pictures, etc.):
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