Schadenfreude (Kat) (sugarpuss) wrote in _______ohrapeme,
Schadenfreude (Kat)


The userinfo has been completed. It now includes all of the official rules and the official application, as well as the list of currently accepted members. Anyone who has applied/joined already has been auto-accepted. If you posted and your name is not in the info, comment here with a link to your post and I'll add your name.

This means we are all members and the community is really open for business, so PROMOTE AND VOTE! Please read the rules. I am going to stamp everyone's post that's here now, so that you have an official banner that says you're accepted and that you can put in your userinfo or something if you want.

I edited two of the banners and posted all four in the info, as well as an accepted and rejected stamp, and right now I'm going to post with an application a) so you can all get to know me, and b) to make sure I coded it properly.

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