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Sup Nig?!?!?!?

Before the questions, put the pictures. We need at least 4 clear shots. 1 body shot and a 100x100 for the member page.

100x100(closest to it)

1. Name/Age : Tris/15
2. Location: Buffalo, NY
3. Sex: Female as far as I’m concerned
4. Sexuality: Straight for now
5. 10 Favorite music artists: Misfits, Taking Back Sunday, Early November, Anti-flag, Green Day, AFI, Nirvana, The Used, Blink-182
6. 5 Favorite movies: Orange County, Billy Madison, Goonies, The Breakfast Club, Freddie Cougar series(nightmare on elm street)
7. Show me a picture of something funny: sorry for those of u that are like managers I just had a bad day at work so this made me laugh

8. Do you drink/smoke? occasionally/no
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? Photo Journalist
10. Favorite Disney movie: Oh so many Aladdin or beauty and the beast
11. Picture of your best friend: hehe isn’t she photogenic I took it when she wasn’t looking
12. Body Mods. Got any? Pics are good. I have my ears pierced twice and a closed up belly ring
13. What do you think of the mods? they’re both HOTT!
14. Promote the community to at least 2 communities and/or 4 people. Links please. thnx.
I felt like promoting so I did 6
15. Anyone who makes a banner or button for the community will get extra points. hope you like it _______massacre

16. What do you think of the "scene?": I think it's mostly a bunch of needy desperate people who need cooler people to like them so they feel good about themselves psh. Can u say insecurity?
17. Do you have a myspace? Why yes I do
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