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Just Another Post to Read

So I decided not to cal count. I didn't before and I won't now I feel that sets you to fail. I'm just making sure I only eat twice a day. I am also doing the March Squat Challenge and its doing wonders for my lower half already. I jumped in a few days ago so I didn't get to start off slow I pretty much just had to start at 215 haha oh well :) at least ill look good for Cali next month. I hope >.< I've never been there but I expect all the women/ girls to be amazingly hot and me catching my honey looking I'm sure it's only natural but yay for self esteem killers :D anywho I joined another site called it's interesting but I like LJ a little more. It brings back memories here and its easier to navigate and actually do stuff on the site ( here on LJ that is). But I was wondering if anyone else has one and can help me figure out how to actually use it :) OH and!!! I just read WinterGirls oh my gawd that book was amazing I very much recommend it.

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