Is this active?

I dont know if anyone is still using this but i used to be on lj all the time. 'recovered' and have fallen back again. Just wondering if there might be any familisr faces still around?
Or anyone at all

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I haven't been on this community for years, is it still active? I doubt anyone will remember me.

I'm Laura, I'm 23 and I'm from Scotland. I have depression and EDNOS. I'm looking for support in my recovery so if you want to add me feel free.

I hope you're all well.


So I'm keeping up with the Squat Challenge but today I fell off my diet wagon due to today being my honeys and my day off together. So of course he wanted to go eat when we woke up and now he is making dinner I ate way more then I would have liked I did how ever refuse a baked treat today so I accomplished some thing lol I was going to cook him breakfast and just have a little but he didn't want an omelet oh we'll ill try tomorrow. Also I'm trying out Zantrex 3 Red. Last time I had the blue ones but that was over 7 years ago. We'll see how they work out. OH the big bummer about this morning was I actually had lost 2lbs and now it's back. I am fat because my honey makes me that way ^.^

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So I decided not to cal count. I didn't before and I won't now I feel that sets you to fail. I'm just making sure I only eat twice a day. I am also doing the March Squat Challenge and its doing wonders for my lower half already. I jumped in a few days ago so I didn't get to start off slow I pretty much just had to start at 215 haha oh well :) at least ill look good for Cali next month. I hope >.< I've never been there but I expect all the women/ girls to be amazingly hot and me catching my honey looking I'm sure it's only natural but yay for self esteem killers :D anywho I joined another site called it's interesting but I like LJ a little more. It brings back memories here and its easier to navigate and actually do stuff on the site ( here on LJ that is). But I was wondering if anyone else has one and can help me figure out how to actually use it :) OH and!!! I just read WinterGirls oh my gawd that book was amazing I very much recommend it.

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I feel like nobody uses this community any more. It kind of makes me sad when I'm going through a rough bit and have nobody to bounce ideas off of. But at the same time these groups can make me feel dumb and childish. Like I'm indulging in some kind of guilty pleasure that is so, so wrong.

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