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I know I'm not lost, I'm just alone

For fans and graphic makers alike
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Dedicated to the most talented singer of our era: Amy Lee. For fans everywhere!

Copy and paste one of these codes into your info to show your Amy Lee pride!

1.) No talking crap about Amy. This community is obviously for Amy Lee FANS, not Amy Lee HATERS.

2.) No discrimination. Get along with the other users. Seriously.

3.) No stealing graphics of the user's post. Just ask for them.

4.) Try not to be retarded. Not trying to be mean or anything, but try and show your bright side here. We don’t want the entire community to be filled up with brainless morons.

5.) Try to stay on topic. Like, not everything has to be about Amy or Evanescence, if you post once in a while that your cat got her vet-check up today, that’s all right, but no one needs to see a close-up picture of your ass. Try to be tasteful.

6.) We love Ben Moody, so no talking trash about him, either. This is not an Evanescence community; however, Ben is the one who helped form the band, thus, if any shit comes out about him, you’re out.

7.) Spell check. You gotta have your entry understood by others. If the mistake is mild, it’s acceptable, but if it’s big enough, one of us will be forced to correct your entry, or if we're feeling bitchy, make it even bigger to make you look like a complete fuck-up.

8.) No promoting. This isn’t a promoting community. If you promote, you’re automatically out.

9.) Please, if you can, post when if are not going to be active for a period of time.

10.) Harsh language is acceptable.

11.) Respect the MODs. We work to keep this community up and running.

12.) DoNt TypE LYke Diiizzz. Spell out the words, you moronic infantile!

13.) If you post a picture, and it is larger than 100x100, or if you have a really long post, then you MUST, no it is not an option, you MUST use an LJ-CUT. Thank you.

echos_forever // mmorbidaangel
ev_hush // crystalprincess
ev_stillness // drummerboy37
origin_icontest // immortalsecrets

Want to be on this list? Then comment on one of the posted entries by either the Mod or the Co-Mod. Your community must be Evanescence or Icon related.

Once every week a contest will be held for your own icons.

<>Evanescence icons only.
<>Submit only one icon per contest, unless stated otherwise.
<>Your icon must be made BY YOU. Not someone else. That's dumb.
<>Your icon must be related to the theme of the week, decided by one of the MODs.
<>Don't cheat. If you do, then keep in mind, you unfairly won. Just wait. Your icon will be put up sometime.
<>Don't post your icon anywhere else during/before the contest. Wait until the challenge is over. And no submitting any old work already been used!

<>Will be held weekly, unless stated otherwise.
<>You have to be a member of the community to participate.
<>Submit your icon to a post by one of the MODs that says "submit all icons here," or something to that effect in a screened comment.
<>You have until 11PM Eastern to submit your icon. Polls will be up following that time until Saturday 11PM. Winners will be announced following that time.
<>When submitting your icon, please include the image as well as it's URL. Like so:


<>No voting for your own icon.
<>Winning positions are Mod's choice, 3rd Place, 2nd Place, and 1st Place.
<>1st place icon will be set as the default for the community.

Here is where you will find the winners and the banners of the contests :)
Challenge 01: Going Under music video - winners & banners
Challenge 02: Understanding - winners & banners
Challenge 03: Old Aged - winners & banners
Challenge 04: Amy-ness - [current]

If you have any questions, concerns, or having trouble with another user in this community, please contact the-

MOD(gcfhpunkette) - here.
MOD - here.

*Note: Using AIM

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