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yes we are

The ratings for the rejected, oh yea
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All Members , Moderated
Rating community, RUN!
Rules that whatever.
How to get kicked off is this:
Being an ass to everyone, tYpInG like that on purpose, spamming the community like an insane monkey

Have fun
Make Random Posts

Voting Funs:
When you put in an application, you can submit a vote for someone on their application post. Just one though. Then I'll get around and marking you approved so you'll be able to do more posts. ANd you can post on your application post.

Isn't this fun? That's all the rules, so do whatever you want
lol. Promis me you won't sound like a suck-up either, them kind of applications I've seen in other journals, it's scary!


* Remember to put this under an lj-cut or i'll whack you with a straw!

Whatsya name?:
How old are ya?:
Whens the b/day?:
Do you have any siblings ?:

Random fact about you?:
What type of music do you enjoy the most?:
Do you watch the news?:
What type a shows ya watch?:

Whatcha's favourite colour?:
Do you know what "cha mow?" means?:
Whatcha wanna do in 10 years?:
Whats one embarrassing moment you've had?:

Will you post after you apply?: