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So I've been reading the older applications here just now and I sort of realized that 'Shampoo', if you think about it, is actually a very funny word.
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I'm bored so I'm going to write a random post today. I got my schedual for school today aren't I pimp. I don't wanna go back *sigh* I should hide out in my back building they'll never find me there =). School is evil....
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I think Im going to do something so I don't get confused, that's always a good thing huh?

Rules that whatever.

How to get kicked off is this:
Being an ass to everyone, tYpInG like that on purpose, spamming the community like an insane monkey

Have fun
Make Random Posts

Voting Funs:
When you put in an application, you can submit a vote for someone on their application post. Just one though. Then I'll get around and marking you approved so you'll be able to do more posts. ANd you can post on your application post.

Someone said they where good with psp ? I couldn't find the ocmment or post or something. If that was you Id like some help since I dont have any of that.



and no you don' have to go off and  advertize..k? thats not required tho would be nice lol.


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Me ..i dont have sandals, I do..but I dont know where they are at. Do you? You ate them huh?
him :-D
me my poor sandals...
me i think its under my bed...
Him yea I just pooped them out
Me ewww


When politicians*sp?* try to be funny when they aren't annoys me.

Random fact of the day from me.

This is haha_die, I'm going to use this now. Becuase I don't know why.

bwhahhahha Im back

woot Mods back, woo. Like any y'all even noticed. Anyways, we lost our internet for about 10 days o_o; well now that I'm back. I'll go comment.

How many y'all already started school? I think I'm on my 3rd week now.ehhh. Oh well...
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