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Name: Byron
Age: 17
Located: Irondale Alabama (a.k.a., part of the 'Ham)
Sexuality?: heterosexual, loud and proud
Siblings?: 4

+++Some things about your self +++
What are your hobbies?: anime, comics, computers, hiking, swimming, piano, keyboard, pretty much anything
What do you like about the opposite sex?: In order:: Are they friendly, do we share interests, do we share beliefs, are they phenomenally good looking
What do you like about the same sex?: Friendly, share interests, share beliefs. (or, at least, be as open-minded as I am.)

[[[[[[[[[[ --Thoughts -- ]]]]]]]

What is your thought on the left behind books?: They suck. Too obvious who the antichrist is, too literal, too everything. Sorry, I just don't like 'em. Also, I don't believe in the Rapture. Ask me why if you feel like, it's a relatively long explanation.
What is your thought on Religion?; I believe in :: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Ask me to clarify if you feel like. Everyone's got a shot at Heaven, not just Christians. And if you are a Jesus Freak, I'll hit you over the head with my big Catholic Crucifix.
What is your thought on Nailpolish?: I think it's sexy on girls. On guys, I think it's cool, but not necessarily sexy.
What is your thought on Marriage?: I'll be having sex in it when I get there.

===== [Random ====
what colour silly puddy would you want to be?: Blue, like my dreaming
What do you remember in 1997?: Dublin, Texas becoming Dr. Pepper, Texas, just for a day.
least favourite colour?: puce.
Do you like to think?; Yez. I'm just not overly good at it per se.


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