July 30th, 2004

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Man yesterday sucked. Well im gonna say yesterday b/c it was ofically yesterday but i still havent been to sleep so it was kinda liek today but whatever. ok well thursday me troy and melissa went to the mall. we walkd around and crap and then we went in jillians and played games and shit. well when we were playing games all of a summen i just turned into super bitch. i didnt wanna be touched i didnt want to be talked. i got super moody. well about 5 minutes after that i started getting dizzy and everything around me kinda started spinning and my throat felt lik it was closing up and i couldnt catch my breath. i started getting scared and almost started cryin b/c truthfully i thought i was really fucked up. i went and sat out in troys car untill troy and melissa was done but in his car i almost passed out. but it was sooo wierd b/c for the longest it felt like i couldnt breath at all and everything was spinning around me. somebody told me it kinda sounded like a panic attack. and i dont see what would have set it off. but god it scared the living hell out of me and for the longest i just wanted to cry and sit in a dark room. i don't know what has been wrong with me latley b/c this isnt the first time its happened its just never gotten to the point where i couldnt catch my breath. i dont know if i should go to a docter or summin or just deal with it b/c ive had 3 or 4 times where its happed but just not as bad this month. if anybody has any advice its well needed and appreaciated
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Do you know what? I lost my dollar, and I'm sad now. I am sad!! so so so so so sad, I don't know where I put it either. ::cries::

Well I'm going to write about nothing for you all to enjoy
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i'm trying to think of a name for another lj community, not like a rating one,but another one. Ok, like a random one, like this one,but not a rating community YAY!

If that didn't make any sense and I confused you...my apologies

I don't sepll words correctly for some reason even though im good at spelling and typing. It's summer, i'm becoming so lazy HAHA



Guess what? I'm going to be taking piano lessons like in january or around there sometimes. WHy you may ask? To play at church, hehe.
Yep, whenever we get our own church mom wants us to know how to play just incase we get a church that doesn't have a singy people

slipknot is playing ...Dear god.. HELP ME!!!