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I'm a reject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatsya name?: Samantha
How old are ya?: 16.
Whens the b/day?: 15 December
Do you have any siblings ?: Yes 1 sister (age 12) called Tabatha.

Random fact about you?: I'm a satanist/witch.
What type of music do you enjoy the most?: Goth and heavy metal.
Do you watch the news?: No it's always the same depressing s**t.
What type a shows ya watch?: Anything with crazy or psycotic characters.

Whatcha's favourite colour?: Theres 3, black, red and purple.
Do you know what "cha mow?" means?: No not really. Not many people say it aroun here but i think it means piss off or something likre that.
Whatcha wanna do in 10 years?: Hopefully i'll be dead by then.
Whats one embarrassing moment you've had?: I don't get embarassed but going on the piss and passing out was probably the closest to embarrased i've got.

Will you post after you apply?: If i'm accepted yes of course i will.




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