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Fresh meat, yo.

Whatsya name?:
Alice. Whazza yours?
How old are ya?: I'm 15.
Whens the b/day?: 12/11, maaate.
Do you have any siblings ?: Yeeeah. Well, no real ones. My dads adopted me and Trent.

Random fact about you?: I like polkadots. they're hotxcore.
What type of music do you enjoy the most?: Hah. Crappy music from the 70s, yo.
Do you watch the news?: "The news? I hate that fucking show!"
What type a shows ya watch?: I don't really. I'm to busy.

Whatcha's favourite colour?: Puuurple. Or cyan.
Do you know what "cha mow?" means?: I think Its some kind of Chinese food..?
Whatcha wanna do in 10 years?: Live in NYC.
Whats one embarrassing moment you've had?: Oh, well. Long story told short. When I was in grade 7, I had this friend whos parents were really conformative. And we had a fight and in the middle she goes "Well, your dads are gay!" and I went "Yeah, so what? It's not Rocket surgery."

Will you post after you apply?: No shit, "sherlock"

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