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if you got more YESs than NOs your in.

I've been missing so i couldnt do much

anyways WHO wants to be

ms/mr. mod-when-real-mods-missing?

or Ms/Mr MWRMM?





[Unknown LJ tag]

Whatsya name?: gabbie
How old are ya?:14
Whens the b/day?: may 24th
Do you have any siblings ?:yup..2 little ones. one has a penis and the other one doesnt. ..

Random fact about you?: i didnt have time to shave my left leg this morning
What type of music do you enjoy the most?: i like a little of everything...i like emo a whole lot...but i'm mostly a ska head.
Do you watch the news?: ......yes....lol
What type a shows ya watch?: funny ones...like southpark, family, aqua teen. yeah..

Whatcha's favourite colour?: oh! lime green is the shizzzzz :)
Do you know what "cha mow?" means?: eh...nope... :(
Whatcha wanna do in 10 years?: i want to be a therapist
Whats one embarrassing moment you've had?: try tripping every moment...accidentally getting into someone elses car...tripping and having your skirt go up.

yeah ive lived through it all.

Will you post after you apply?: mos def. :)[Unknown LJ tag]


Guess what el Nicole is gonna be for halloween. Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Aren't I just so awesome. =p. Nicole is gonna rock the sally costume *word hommie g*
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