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Take all my Tears... And throw them away...

Another day gone unsaved...

djmeka music lounge
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30 seconds to mars, 4 strings, a static lullaby, acid, adultswim, afi, aim, annihilates the body, armin van buuren, astral projection, audioslave, avenge sevenfold, bam margera, being alone, being held, billy talent, bleeding through, bmws, bn, brand new, brandnew, bt, cake, canada, castles, cds, cemetaries, chevelle, coheed and cambria, cold play, crying, dark purple, darren tate, dashboard confessionals, daydreaming, deathcab for cutie, deftones, dj rap, djmeka, dorsia, dreams, duran duran, electronica, emo, flaw, food fights, girls, goa trance, green day, halloween, hangouts, hxc, incubus, interpol, laughing, linkin park, love, metallica, midnight blue, moby, moonlight, movies, muse, music, mxpx, my chemical romance, nebulus, night time, nin, nirvana, nofx, oceanlab, orbital, orgy, painting, parties, paul oakenfold, paul van dyke, pianos, piercings, plaid, playgrounds, playing truth or dare, poems, poetry, poison, potatoes, pranks, psychedelic trance, punk, purple, ramones, randomness, rock, rock climbing, romance, rufio, safety pins, sasha, saves the day, screamo, sensations, senses fail, sex pistols, simple plan, skiing, sleeping, sneaking out at night, sneezing, snowboarding, snuggling, soccer, something corporate, soundgarden, staind, stars, static-x, stone temple pilots, sublime, sugarcult, sum41, sweaters, sxe, taking walks, techno, the ataris, the color pink, the cure, the dark, the darkness, the f ups, the mall, the rain, the sensations, the smiths, the used, thirteen, thrice, thursday, tiesto, trance, type-o-negative, underoath, vnv nation, weekends, yellowcard, yoga