April 19th, 2006


Well Im excited but not too excited I have gone down since yesterday!~ but I weighed in the morning. Last night I was 57kg Now this morning I am 56.6kg- yes yes yes I know I have just woke and I will gain from fliud and all during the day... but hey it makes me so happy when I get into my clothes at the start of the day.

My friend has gone back to melbourne and I felt really sad when I saw him off. I hadn't seen him for like almst 2 years and it was like we took up where we left off last chat. Its good to have friends like that.Since I went on to do my second degree (finished that) I lost track of alot of friends as they moved away and we didnt get to catch up alot, But I will be making more of an effort in the future. I want to head over to Melbourne to see my friends again. I have two female and two male friends that live together so catching up will be great. I really want to get round and see all my friends before I move over to my partner in Ireland. Oh I love my man so much. I was so angry with this stupid town I live in- they were saying horrid things (to my face with my friend there) oh yes I knew the long distance thing wouldnt last- cheating are we?? or have you broken up with the Irish man. I was so fuckign angry! I WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON MY MAN! I LOVE MY MAN! My friend was horrified too- although he has never met my partner he knows how much I love my man and he has always been supportive when people have been negative. I was so angry how dare people say that.

Anyways I love my man and nothing anyone else can offer me can change that.

Well I managed to get though yesterday
1/2 toast
1cm square of choco (my friend made me- I hid the rest)
one spud with colslaw, sour cream, bacon and onion- yeah yeah I know fatty fatty bom bom but I had too as mum is being a pain in the arse.

Well I had better run Take Care all