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_________nawpal's Journal

Rate yer face.
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-Please fill out your application within 2 days of joining.

-You have to be at least 15 years old to join. No weans plz.

-You cannie vote unless you're accepted.

-No being cheeky to the mods. K?


-Stay Active. That means VOTE, PROMOTE and POST picccturZ if you want.

-Be honest, even if it means being harsh.


* TheMODS.

Lesley B.

Wee Lauren.

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Big John



Do NOT use rich text mode you idiot. Everything is pre-made for you. Just copy and paste. When you get to the picture section all you need is this code:
<*img src="Your picture link goes here-Remove the star">

80s covers, 80s music, a wild sheep chase, absolutely nothing, acoustic songs, alcohol, alkaline trio, anberlin, apple juice, aw naw, beaches, being infinite, being john, being lauren, being lesley, being on 50/50, being vicky, ben folds, big city dreams, black and white pictures, black books, boy meets world, buying bags, camera obscura, capital letters, caps lock, car fulla hotties, cat power, coffee, copeland, coronation street, corrie goths, cursive, dancing, daydreaming, death cab for cutie, denver in dallas, desperate housewives, donnie darko, double dips, fairly odd parents, family guy, foo fighters, forget cassettes, garden state, gene kelly, gigs, glasgow, gone with the ghosts, handstands, house parties, imagining the future, jack daniels, lager, letters, lfo, libraries, literature, mark ryden, mates of state, matt skiba, morgan's spiced, music, mute math, my actions your exit, omgz, onelinedrawing, orange juice, outsmarting simon, ozma, panic! at the disco, perfect endings, peter kay, potato waffles, rainbow sherbet, red house painters, rilo kiley, running with scissors, ryan adams, ryan ferguson, saying naw pal, sea and cake, shout out louds, son ambulance, sting, sun, sunrises, sunsets, taking pictures, the academy is..., the elected, the faint, the fall of troy, the moomins, the oc, the ocean fracture, the park bench rant, the police, the postal service, the rules of attraction, the shins, the spill canvas, the virgin suicides, the wonder years, the yeah yeah yeahs, theperksofbeingawallflower, tight hoodies, tilly and the wall, volleyball, willy mason, writing, yes dear, ♥.