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Mary-Kate & Ashley

Are Love.

Welcome To _________mka
This community is all about [you guessed it]
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen <3!!
Below, you will find:

1.] Rules
2.] Short Application
3.] Your Mods <3
4.] Promotional Banners


1.] No MKA haters <3!!
2.] Be respectful to the other members, please.
3.] Post pictures under an LJ cut.
4.] If posting icons of the twins, you're allowed 3 teasers,
but the rest must be under an LJ-cut!
5.] Comment & CREDIT if taking any banners, icons, etc.
6.] Save the drama for another community. In other words, BE NICE!

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me<3!! crushmebaby___

______Promotional Banners!
by: crushmebaby___