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APP! <3

<b>Name: Meg <3</b>
<b>Age: 14.</b>
<b>Location: Atlanta</b>
<b>5 Favorite Bands:The Blood Brothers Fear Before The March of Flames Norma Jean Hellogoodbye Brand New</b>
<b>2 Favorite Movies: Fight Club. Thirteen</b>
<b>2 Favorite Books: Speak. Cut.</b>
<b>Favorite Quote: sometimes it's hard to know what's real when you're not.. i have a bunch.</b>
<b>5 interesting facts:</b>
1.) I have BRIGHT red hair
2.) I play club volleyball. and i love it.
3.) I have a really good sense of direction
4.) My birthday is tomorrow :]
5.) i love music. enough said
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