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we got mo bounce in california

the new and improved laguna beach community
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This isn't your everyday normal, nicey nice Laguna Beach community. This is Laguna Beach, but if you can't handle the drama, pressure, or insults you better leave. Don't follow a rule, and guess what bitch you're banned. Post gossip, news, pictures, icons/graphics, but the part is you get to bitch out anyone you want. Get ready because if you want to be one of the cool kids you better follow every rule.

♥ if you're offtopic you're banned.

♥ no promos. not only is it useless because i will delete, but give you a spot in the loser clique meaning you'll have to go back to lagunabeach.

♥ remember this is about drama, drama, drama. we don't want nice people, we want dramatic people. nice people have no place here.

♥ your mods,
____vanilla & shagdapillow