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Okay. So. I made a new claims community, because it's been getting annoying with this one. It's branched off of my old account, so everytime I want to add a claim, I have to log off of mine, then log back on with this account, and bluh bluh bluh. So I made one with my new account. Don't worry, anyone who has claimed something below this entry has been re-added to the new list. And with that saiddd...

___123claim ___123claim ___123claim ___123claim
(c) bourniio


I would like to claim Mr. Joel Madden of GC.

Side note: What is the tag for a community user, I know how to tag a regular user, just not a community.

Thanx, ♥ Manda
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omgzors claims like woah!

i would like to claim John Feldmann, the frontman of the band "goldfinger."

i would also like to claim anthony kiedis, of the red hot chili peppers because he is gawdly.

was david bowie claimed yet? if not..hes mine mine mine mine!

thank you.
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