The O.C.

we listen to the same bands.

eric elizabeth eva and derek (because he bought it
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we are eric elizabeth eva and derek (because he bought it). we are adults. we sip wine. except derek doesn't and eric doesn't either, but eric wanted to once, eva has never had wine, elizabeth has wine with boys.

we are pat too (i don't know his feelings about wine).

ace, adults, anarchism, anti-ipecac (it's dangerous!), antibiotics, babette dell, being soulmates, bunnies, cambodia, chilton, christopher hayden, dean forester, didn't.he.kill.his.wife?, diet pills, drugs are cool, e.e. cummings, elizabeth monk, emily gilmore, eric payne, eva becker, facebook, fasting, friday night dinners, fuck the police, getting arrested, gilmore girls, gilmore girls only!, going to bars, gypsy, heartbreak involving homeless men, hot topic, hyperventilating, in omnia paratus, jackson belleville, jess mariano, kids, kirk gleason, lane kim, life and death brigade, lingerie, logan, logan and rory, logan huntzberger, logan is cute, logan is smart, logan loves aces, logan not dean, logan not jess, logan only, logan/rory, lorelai and luke, lorelai gilmore, loving rory, luke and lorelai, luke danes, luke's diner, lulu, michel gerard, miss patty, missing rory, modeling, modeling and pro-ana, mrs. kim, myspace, netflixing gilmore girls, not broken social scene, not dean, not jess, not lorelai's clothes, paris geller, pro-ana, pro-mia, registering a protest, richard gilmore, robots have feelings too, rory and logan, rory gilmore, rory's clothes, rory/logan, scars, self-harm, snow boots, sookie st. james, spandex sex, star's hollow, starting fights with fences, stealing, stealing interests, straight as, sxe, talking about gilmore girls, taylor doose, the dragonfly inn, the internet (elizabeth says), the oc, thinking about gilmore girls, thinking people hate us, trying to be rory, tubthumping, wanting to be rory, watching gilmore girls, waterfall summer, wine, xbox, xderekxneulandx, yale, youth of today