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Name: Jamie
Age: 13
Grade: 8th
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Thing: Single
Favorite bands: Early November,underOATH,Senses Fail,Slipknot,The Darkness...
Where you live in atco: Near the movies&near Ivystone
What you dislike or like about atco: I love atco.I can't explain why
& post atleast one picture of yourself: Maybe later
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Name:Lisa Hager
Favorite bands:BSB, All American Rejects, GC, Cooheed and Cambria
Where you live in atco:Chicago
What you dislike or like about atco:I like people speaking their mind and not caring what anyone else thinks.
post atleast one picture of yourself:

I'm on the right in both pictures
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Dusty Much

haven't been here nor in atco for a while.
I've been having too much stuff to do... I haven't had any time to go really anywhere but school.

It sucks....

I need a vacation badly!
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Name: Brooke Amanda Del Vecchio

Age: 16

Grade: 11th

Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Thing: I'm single

Favorite bands: Simple Plan, Good Charolette,All American Rejects,Bowling for soup,Eminem and a few other good ones=)

Where you live in atco: Forest Drive that is near Richards Road and near the Wawa on Jackson and near Atco Raceway...

What you dislike or like about atco: The only thing I dislike about Atco is I wish I had places to walk to that were close and not have to drive to all the time but other then that I love Atco.

& post atleast one picture of yourself:


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not like anyone reads my shit anyway.

hey guys,

havent been able to get around to all of my shit lately... been so busy with skool, volleyball and work. but things have been going pretty well for myself so far, but i think itll get better as the skool year goes by. i havent been doing so hot in class, but im working on it, as long as i bring this shit up, ill be okay...

havent talked to missy in a long ass while, so stupid me, i stayed up until 12:00 with her on the phone. lol. i got NO sleep.... speaking of which, i havent been sleeping lately and i have wrinkles under my eyes because of it. GrRrRrR >.< im surprised i havent gotten those huge dark circles yet. but i know theyll come soon....

hillary is having her party on friday, and im totally excited! im even taking off work for it. ^.^ and this kid i like is coming with me too.... ^_^ that makes me so0o0o0o0o0o excited!!!! yeah!!!!

well, im off to do my other things and then to bed.

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Because I'm the only one who reads the WTN.

"Does Waterford Township rock? You better believe we do and nobody else does it better then Pyramid-live, hard, loud and outrageous, and only on our stage. If rock music is your thing, forget the rest; this is the place to be between 1:30pm and 2:30pm. Pyramid band really rocks - do you?"

HAHAHAHA. Mass suicide, awesome.
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