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Hey friends!

I'm not new to Livejournal.  I hated the new layout from years ago and i went to dreamwidth but its vacant.   So i'm back, accepting of the change.  I have so many interests and wide arrange of hobbies that its hard to put them all down.  Mostly i am a mom with a partner of 7 years.

 We have been working very hard putting some dreams into place.  I own my own grooming salon after countless years working for a corporate salon.  I have been open for 4 years.  Greg my partner has been bathing dogs for me since i opened, making it easier for us to accommodate more people. This year in 2020 we plan to buy a house and are looking for a house with land.  We are willing to settle for a started home in a neighborhood though because we have a baby on the way and our rental is not big enough for a 4th member of the family.  

We have recently decided to go vegetarian because of ethical reasons of how we feel about american farming and mass production.  I'm not against animals for food but i am against poorly treated farmers and having to be forced to mass produce just to make a pay check.  

I love to read YA books because i have ADHD and its hard to focus on a book that's directed towards adults, i need something fast moving!  I love training dogs and showing one of our dogs.  My daughter does most of the showing and its been a blast.  I love vulture culture.  I have strong witchy vibes but i don't follow any religion.  I read tarot cards significantly accurately.  I like to collect rocks and stones.  I want to learn everything i can about gardening, im actually horrible at growing things.  I can not wait to grow our own food and raise our own chickens again.

I will mostly be writing about my day to day life: dog grooming, pregnancy, goals, future, friends, family ect.  I am not about the fandom life, i like to read peoples real stories.  I want to know your favorite food and how you spend your Sunday mornings.  


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