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Hi hi

Hey there!
Female from Canada (Almost 30)
Getting back onto LJ! I've been on here through pretty much all my high school years, way back when, then sort of dropped off...
I was really big into jrock/pop and a bunch of other stuff involving Japan. (Getting back into it)
I also really love photography. I'm pretty easy going, and my interests are all over the place, so it's hard to pin down any real specific ones haha.
Looking to find friends and that sense of community I felt back when I was on LJ. I really miss it!
My entries are often about day to day life, thoughts, or random things. They usually aren't too long. Some complaining at times, but who isn't guilty of that :p
My journal is mostly friends only now, not strictly friends only.
Feel free to add me and comment! I'd love to meet new people :)

My old journals were mihogoeth & alifelessdoll
If anyone actually remembers or had come across me (doubtful) :P

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