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bitter buffalo


hi! im Amy and im 31. not sure exactly how to do this so i'll just list some things that im into:

INTERESTS & HOBBIES: my main obsessions are music, cartoons, harry potter and the horror genre. i also love true crime, animals and nail polish. i can spend an entire night watching creepy vids on youtube. i love playing guitar (even though im not great at it), i go surfing every summer and camping every summer/fall.

MOVIES: the Harry Potter series, Snatch, Jaws, The Nighmare Before Christmas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Halloween series, zombie movies, Natural Born Killers, Shaun of the Dead, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Fight Club, Boondock Saints..

TV SHOWS: Metalocalypse, Futurama, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Rick and Morty, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed Edd n Eddy, Invader Zim, Spaced, Roseanne, The Golden Girls, Bobs Burgers, Archer, Mr. Pickles, Squidbillies, South Park, Summer Heights High, Home Movies, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld,

MUSIC: Modest Mouse, Dethklok, Incubus, (earlier) Korn, OK Go, Weezer, Rammstein, Finntroll, Die Antwoord, Nirvana, NIN, Tenacious D, Reel Big Fish, Sublime and many more. i also love all classical music.

ANYTHING ELSE?: im a mom with a 6 year old and i have 3 furbabies: a jack russell, dachshund and a rat. i also have a tumblr if you're into that kind of thing.

also, i want to add that my journal may be new but im not so new to livejournal. i was originally on here from 2003-2006 and had taken an unexpected 10 year hiatus after a big life change then woke up one morning and randomly decided that i wanted an online blog again so here i am!

my icon is me.

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