Hey friends!

I'm not new to Livejournal.  I hated the new layout from years ago and i went to dreamwidth but its vacant.   So i'm back, accepting of the change.  I have so many interests and wide arrange of hobbies that its hard to put them all down.  Mostly i am a mom with a partner of 7 years.

 We have been working very hard putting some dreams into place.  I own my own grooming salon after countless years working for a corporate salon.  I have been open for 4 years.  Greg my partner has been bathing dogs for me since i opened, making it easier for us to accommodate more people. This year in 2020 we plan to buy a house and are looking for a house with land.  We are willing to settle for a started home in a neighborhood though because we have a baby on the way and our rental is not big enough for a 4th member of the family.  

We have recently decided to go vegetarian because of ethical reasons of how we feel about american farming and mass production.  I'm not against animals for food but i am against poorly treated farmers and having to be forced to mass produce just to make a pay check.  

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summer dreamer

In search of kindred spirits.

Hello community! I'm a 32-year-old girl person in search of kindred spirits to befriend. I'd describe myself as a chronic daydreamer, an incorrigible romantic and eternal kid at heart. I never grew out of make believe; I'm a believer of magic. My interests are sundry and manifold. I love books of all kinds, with a special penchant for classic romance (think Jane Austen and the Brontës), and at other times still find myself picking up old children's books. You could say I'm a nostalgic, sentimental creature, prone to feelings of wistfulness and whimsy. My music taste is likewise diverse but I was recently going through a phase of 80s alternative, 90s grunge, riot grrls, and Lana Del Rey. I'm dying to meet people who still understand the magic of Francesca Lia Block books or Sofia Coppola films, or early Tim Burton, or any of my other interests really!

I lead a very solitary lifestyle so my days are far from exciting, and my journal is thus oriented towards more reflective content. I do like to use my journal as a vehicle for self-exploration and growth. I'm a late bloomer in life as I have a history of mental illness, including anxiety, depression and c-ptsd, so I often feel a bit lost. It might be nice to meet people who understand such struggles.

If any of this sounds interesting to you and you'd like to give this friendship thing a try, please just leave a comment here or on my journal and I'll get back to you shortly. Thanks for reading! ♥

Join the pity party today!

I've been blogging since forever. I've had several LiveJournals, back when LiveJournal was "in." I prefer Dreamwidth, because it's lightweight and pink.

I boast a Tumblr with thousands of followers, but none of them talk to me, so I decided to return here for the few that will.

You can find my interests in my profile. I am a super artsy intellectual--a true Brooklyn hipster. Oh, and I'm a 28 year old male who's never been kissed. I stay in my room, avoiding sunlight to prevent aging so I can make up for lost time. One day.

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Are you looking for a laid back - go with the flow - nature loving kind of friend? Here I am!

I'm pretty friendly and down to earth - very easy to get along with. I don't care to be around a lot of drama or negativity and always try to see the glass as half full. I love nature and being outdoors with my dogs and my camera. I'd much rather be around a campfire with a few friends than at a loud club or party.

I enjoy a wide range of hobbies and activities such as hiking, cycling, video games, netflix, documentaries, photography, traveling horror films, Marc Maron and Bob's Burgers.

My journal is brand new - today is it's birthday (as well as mine!) and I look forward to getting started and meeting some new friends.

You're not going to see a lot of drama or political garbage in my journal, but instead the day to day musings of my life as I struggle to find my inner peace again, my adventures exploring the world around me, and a lot of photos of my insanely adorable dogs! And hey, who doesn't need at least one cool hippie friend?


I'm a long time livejournal user looking to meet some new active friends.
- if you rarely update, please skip to the next post.

Some basic bits about me -
- I'm 31, so I'd like to meet some people closer to my age.
- In a long term relationship - 2 dogs - 1 cat - 1 step son.
- I work with dogs.
- I love Nature & wildlife - keeping it protected is very important to me.
- I'm an outdoorsy hippie type of girl trapped inside a city girl.
- I'm the most laid back drama free person you'll ever meet.
- I'm a quiet stay at home with a few close friends type of girl versus the party with a bunch of friends type.
- I live off energy drinks.
- I'm not into politics and religions. I have my opinions on the subjects, but keep them to myself & respesct other's.
- I'm pretty damn awesome.

Some interests -
(I'd like to meet some friends who like at least a few of the same things)
- Book worm - I always have a book with me. Currently reading Dean Koontz & Ransom Riggs.
- Gamer - I play Sims, Fable, Skyrim, Battlefield, WoW, Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption, and Halo to name a few.
- Netflix Addict - Bob's Burgers, Supernatural, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Shameless, History, Science, Space & Nature Documentaries.
- Other interests include Photography, Hiking, Nature & Wildlife, Camping, Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Hockey.

My Journal -
- 99.9% friends only.
- I write about the usual day to day stuff - work, friends, relationships, and plenty of pet photos. - never memes or surveys.
- I usually write once or twice a week (sometimes more), but check my friends list daily.
- I enjoy actually getting to know my lj friends and building real connections and friendships. If I add you, you're not going to be just another number.

I'm looking for active users who update often - comment when you have something to say - and make an effort to have and maintain a friendship.
If you're interested in adding- great!
All I ask is that you introduce yourself in a comment (or message) - don't just add me without saying anything, it's rude and I won't add you back.
- If you add me and we don't hit it off - no worries or hard feelings.

Add me?

Hi.  I had an LJ throughout the 2000s and have decided to make a new one after a bout of nostalgia.  I’m a 31 year old housewife with two cats and no kids.

I was in a bad place for a long time, but I got help and made it through the worst of it.  Now I’m trying to figure out who I am and what I want.  My goals are to back into old hobbies/interests and  find new ones, be more outgoing (even if it’s just online for now), and to build a little bit of confidence.

My journal will mostly be boring day-to-day stuff, talk about getting back into things I used to like, talk about new experiences, random babbling, and maybe a bit of fandom related stuff.  There may be some complaining about dumb things here and there.

I’m looking for positive people who are laid back and don’t have a lot of drama.  People I can really interact with and get to know would be lovely.
Piggy Hi! ^_^
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Hi hi

Hey there!
Female from Canada (Almost 30)
Getting back onto LJ! I've been on here through pretty much all my high school years, way back when, then sort of dropped off...
I was really big into jrock/pop and a bunch of other stuff involving Japan. (Getting back into it)
I also really love photography. I'm pretty easy going, and my interests are all over the place, so it's hard to pin down any real specific ones haha.
Looking to find friends and that sense of community I felt back when I was on LJ. I really miss it!
My entries are often about day to day life, thoughts, or random things. They usually aren't too long. Some complaining at times, but who isn't guilty of that :p
My journal is mostly friends only now, not strictly friends only.
Feel free to add me and comment! I'd love to meet new people :)

My old journals were mihogoeth & alifelessdoll
If anyone actually remembers or had come across me (doubtful) :P
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