what if i ripped your heart apart at the seams?

maybe then you'd know how i feel.

The best emo rating community ever
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You must be over fourteen
Applications must be under an lj-cut
The subject line in an Application must read "Cheer Up Emo Fuck" to prove you have read the rules.
No nudity. At all.

--If you want to promote another community, it MUST be under an LJ-cut.--

A QUICK NOTE: show respect not only to the mods, but the members of this community as well.

Should _____x44caliber and weee_its_laura both really not like you, we reserve the right to ban your ass despite the amount of votes.

If you are accepted however, we are a close community that get along with each other well, and you'll be welcomed in nicely should you follow the rules!

Where you at son-
Hair color+style-


5 bands(hint- consider that we don't want to read the same band list for every application)-
5 favourite songs(not by the artist/s you named above)-
5 movies/tv-
5 books-
2 amazing concerts/shows-


5 bands-
5 movies/tv-
5 books-

Favorite quote-
If you could have a different name what would it be-
What do you think of body modification?-
Who would you most want to be for a day?-
What makes you original?-
What makes you a good friend?-
What makes you ___________xemo?-
Humor me-
Show a picture of bracelets-
What do you think of the mods-
Holler at us somewhere and link it-
Show at least 3 pictures of your hopefully gorgeous face-

Respect your moderators,

Stef _____x44caliber

and Laura weee_its_laura, who will also stamp your application.


It takes a lot to impress xPath swiftheartlu. She is the mods pet. She will make it clear if you suck.

Also, a 'big up' to the original owner of the community, 867jenny5309

*Something New That's Going On*
Every month, we're going to have a member of the month. Here's how it's going to work:
1. Steff and Laura will each select TWO members that they find worthy of this.
2. Each week, you guys will vote for one person who you think should NOT be Member of the Month.
3. After 4 weeks, we will be left with ONE Member of the Month.

a) If you are a candidate, you are ENCOURAGED to post things to sway people to vote for you.
b) If you get voted as NOT MotM, you are NOT out of the community. And you might have a chance next month :)


Copy And Paste the Code(s) to Promote.

Community Stamps

thanks to mynameisamm for this one. she made it :)
thanks samm!

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