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Type your cut contents here.
Name/age- CHandelle, I'm 18
Where you at son- That's Mr. Son to you, and I'm in Sydney, Nova Scotia
Hair color+style- Blondish ... styled however it feels like. It's emotional.
Height- 5'2
Nationality(ies)- Canadian


5 bands- From Autumn To Ashes, Taking Back Sunday, Brandnew, Poison The Well, and ... The Faint
5 favourite songs- "Chloroform Perfume", "Worked up, so sexual", "These Colors Dont Run", "Strawberry Gashes", "What's left of the Flag"
5 movies/tv- The L Word (TV ... lesbian show), The Shawshank Redemption(super great movie), 6-teen (it's a little kids show ... so what)
5 books- books ... well, how about reading material? I like the Rolling Stone magazine, YGA, Cosmopolitan, Newspapers(local ones), and .... livejournal.
2 amazing concerts/shows- Shows by local kids. It's always better when you know the musicians personally.


5 bands- joanna newsom, spears, duff, all those dorks, bsb, n'sync ... you know, the usuals suspects.
5 movies/tv-ummmm .... survivor, CNN, that new beer movie (fuck, what is it called? Beer Fest? ... sucks, don't waste your money.), Judge Judy, and most shows on the discovery channel.
5 books- home & garden magazines, cosomopolitan (i know ... i read it ... but they are so .... grr, nevermind), jeRnels wHer Dey TaWk liK diS MaN, shitty text books also suck.

Favorite quote- "But, salmon is a manly fish."
If you could have a different name what would it be- Claire
What do you think of body modification?- Your body, what do I care?
Who would you most want to be for a day?- A criminal that never got caught.
What makes you original?- My don't-give-a-fuck approach combined with my habbit of self exploration
What makes you a good friend?- I'm honest, and loyal.
What makes you ___________xemo?- I odn't fucking know. I want emo glasses. And my hair swoops.
Humor me- Tell me why I should?
Show a picture of bracelets- I don't wear any.
What do you think of the mods- groovy chicks.
Holler at us somewhere and link it- ummm, later.
Show at least 3 pictures of your hopefully gorgeous face-aight.



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