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Hey, Leatherface
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okay, so this is the coolest fucking community, ever. and everyone is welcome. WELCOME TO TRY OUT. i will love you always and forever. if you obey me.
by the way, i am:</a></b></a>pair_of_noid. so eat it.

Here's some rules:
-Don't disrespect me, or any of the other members.
-You must Promote This here Community. Alot. 'Cause I said so. =)
-Don't Promote Other Communities in here. I'll Cyber-Shoot you. Those things are so damn annoying.
-TRY not to post too much. Get what you need to be said, said. and give someone else a chance to post.
-Text Posts are boring. so let's try to make this an interesting community.
-application under lj-cut

Application:By the way, I'm grading you on this, Each question you answer is worth 5 pts. i might get tired of doing that so maybe i'm just posing. BUT - don't say something just cause you think it would impress me. be honest. =)


Favorite Band:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Word:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Beverage:
Favorite Material:

What would you choose?:
Cheese or Tofu:
Salt or Sugar:
Bread or Soup:
Tennis shoes or Sandals:
Paper or Plastic:
Korn or Limp Bizkit:
Heroin or Tobacco:
Sitting or Standing:

How weird are you?/what makes u think you're so wierd? teehee:
Can you dance?:
Do you envy birds?:
Do you do drugs?:
How often do you say the word "Random"?:
Are you smart?:
Are you racist?:
Have you ever seen the Amanda Show?:
Have you ever licked a shoe?:
Do you like Palm Trees?:
Do you Have ADHD?:
Do you try too hard to impress people?:
Would you kiss me if i ate Lambs for Breakfast?:
If I told you i was psychic, would you believe me? Or just call me a pcyhotic Bitch Weiner Head?:
Have you ever spilt milk on your keyboard and paid someone 5 bucks to take the blame?:

Gimme a Picture Of you doing something Weird and Creative. Or just being cool and HOt aND TICKLED:

Made you look.

Good luck and Eat well!