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what's your core?

________what's your core//?
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
When joining this community, post an application.
In your application please include:
- your name
- what your core is
- 10 + bands
- something interesting about yourself
- 2 + pictures. please make one of these a clear face shot.

It's that simple.

//A few rules//

(1) Don't pick fights. We want this to be a friendly community where people get along. However, if a large amount of accepted members don't like an applicant, and the MOD sees it acceptable, an applicant will be banned.
(2) Don't post stupid shit in here. We don't want to hear about your emotional problems and we don't want to see your stupid quizzes. Save it for your personal journal. If you went to a cool show or you have new pictures, feel free to post.
(3) If you get rejected, don't be whiney. You can come back and apply again in a week.