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i didn't feel like a giant. i felt very, very small.
it suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the earth.
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3 wallpapers, 5 headers/banners & 77 icons total...

_1 blood+ header/banner
| haji/saya
_24 blood+ icons | haji/saya, haji, saya, riku + saya, solomon, the miyagusukus, kai
_2 gundam wing headers/banners | the five pilots
_17 gundam wing icons | the five pilots
_1 hagaren wallpaper | edowin
_1 EVA rebuild 2.0 wallpaper | the five children
_2 EVA rebuild 2.0 icons | shinji + touji + kensuke
_21 PJO icons | thalia/kaya scodelario, luke/jake abel
_1 x-men comics wallpaper | kurt/kitty
_2 x-men comics header/banners | kurt/kitty
_13 x-men comics icons | kurt/kitty

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22nd-Nov-2008 07:48 pm - WatXM, champloo, narnia, HM, house...

2 wallpapers, & 75 icons total...

_21 chronicles of narnia: prince caspian icons
| nikabrik, the pevensies & caspian (alone and in different groups) from the bloopers & the deleted scenes
_18 hannah montana icons | oliver/lilly, oliver, lilly, and also mitchel & mitchel/emily from the "if i didn't have you" video
_1 hannah montana wallpaper | oliver/lilly
_19 house MD icons | chase/cameron, chase, cameron
_10 samurai champloo icons | jin/fuu, jin, fuu
_1 samurai champloo wallpaper | jin/fuu
_7 wolverine & the x-men icons | kurt/kitty, scott, emma, ororo, logan, piotr

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some of these animated icons may be too big for LJ. i could swear when i saved them they were under 40 kb, but apparently i was wrong. if you desperately want to use one for LJ and it's too big, let me know and i'll try my best to reduce the file size. sorry 'bout that.

26th-Aug-2006 01:57 pm - a bit of a wallpaper post
as i was making a wallpaper for myself yesterday, i remembered i'd made quite a few of them in the last few months, that i hadn't posted here yet.

some of them are totally original, some are based on layouts i've made for my websites/communities. like the kurt/kitty one, well, in fact in that case i made the wallpaper first and then used it for kurtty's layout. the samurai champloo one came from tryptophan's layout.

the fanart used for the digimon wallpaper, it's most definitely not mine! i'm pretty sure it's from "tir na nog", and i would give you the link but i can't find the website at the moment ^^;;; the link i have doesn't take me to the webpage, they must've moved or closed or something. but they were really famous, definitely the best digimon fanart i've seen to this day-- if anyone has a new link they can give me, i'll be most grateful and will edit this post to give the proper credit.

i also made a few icons out of the wallpapers, in case anyone wants them.

_12 digimon 01 + 1 wallpaper (all the DD's)
_3 JQ:TRA + 1 wallpaper (jonny/jessie)
_3 UXM + 1 wallpaper (kurt/kitty)
_5 champloo + 1 wallpaper (fuu, mugen, jin)
_4 superman returns + 1 wallpaper (brandon, kate)

credits/resources here.


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mugendai na yume no ato no...Collapse )
12th-Aug-2006 03:24 am - high school musical & ultimate x-men
wow, it's been quite some time since i've updated here, hasn't it? O_o i guess finals and then traveling back home to a slower internet connection can do that to you. but now i'm back, and with a batch that's bigger than the usual!

anyway, when i got to panama they were just about to premiere high school musical in disney channel latin america, so i got the chance to see the movie again, this time in spanish. i have to say the dub's not too bad, though i still obviously prefer it in english. as i write this, i've seen the movie four times in spanish already @_@ and i still love it to death (though by now it's been like 10 times counting both languages). i've been reading fanfics and of course i decided to make icons. though they're crap not my best, and i can count on one hand those i feel satisfied with, i still like the fact that they're different from what i usually do. so here you have 'em. there's especially lots of troy because, of course, zac efron is totally hot and he makes me feel like a cradle-snatcher cuz he's younger than i am and it so makes me feel weird >.< i'll probably make more in the future-- i'm dying to get my hands on a good cap of jason & kelsi throwing the ball or of troy & gabriella's almost-kiss. if you have any of those or know where to find them, please please please show me the way. i will love you forever! ^.^

also a few ultimate x-men icons because i've been reading some of the early issues and the art is soooo awesome. funny, these are simpler and more rushed than the HSM icons but i like them 10 times better #_# maybe it's god's way of telling me that i should stick to iconing fandoms that are-- well-- drawn. inked. you get my drift.

this batch could almost be subtitled "tan layer" batch. almost every single one of these icons has one of those set to darken. there's also lots of selective color layers and lots of upped saturation layers. they're awesome, if a little tricky.

_27 HSM (troy/gabriella, troy, kelsi, sharpay, gabriella, sharpay & ryan, taylor, ryan)
_5 UXM (storm, cyclops, magneto, nightcrawler)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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we're soaring... flying...Collapse )
4th-Jul-2006 10:09 pm - JQ:TRA & 1 x-men
and the prize for weirdest fandom goes to... me! xD well, not really weirdest fandom, it's just that i don't think that anyone's ever made icons of JQ:TRA before ^^;;; or i could be wrong. but anyway, here you have 6 JQ icons, in case you're a fan like me... and one solitary x-men icon, of a couple i detest but heck, i loved that one pic. lol. so here you go.

_6 jonny quest: the real adventures (hadji, jessie, jonny)
_1 x-men comics (scott/emma)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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3... 2... 1... going hot!Collapse )
30th-Jun-2006 07:15 pm - tutorial #7-- gravity
hey guys! fragilecat asked me how i made one of my x-men icons, so here we go. PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS EXACTLY! how to make this (in PS7):

face to face with the master of magnetism!Collapse )
24th-Jun-2006 02:03 pm - x-men!

i've been wanting to do these for a while. lots of different characters, though some of them are missing (i wanted to make some rogue and kitty, but couldn't find pics i liked... and i had some neat colossus pics, but my colossus muse was suspiciously absent), and some i didn't expect to make, like for example emma frost-- as much as i hate her (i bought a ridiculously overpriced issue of the comics just to see her and jean pulling each other's hair out, yes i hate her that much!), i have to admit her design is gorgeous. and you can probably expect more x-men soon because i'm rereading my astonishing x-men scans, not to mention that i'll receive 70 ultimate x-men issues next week, and i'll probably comb through those to make more icons.

i call this batch the "selective color" batch, because i used selective color layers in almost all of the icons. not my fault it works so well with comic images xD

_17 x-men (angel, blink, chamber, cyclops, iceman, madrox, nightcrawler, psylocke, storm, emma frost, magneto, phoenix)

credits/resources here (hasn't been updated in a while, but i (hopefully) will soon!).


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witness the birth of the homo superior!Collapse )

plugging!: japanese_ink
aaaand!: kurtty
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