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update! well, sort-of...
hello, this is your moderator speaking. sorry i haven't been around for quite a while. honestly, i almost never use LJ anymore...and when i do it's my other account. anyway, i wanted to talk a bit about TBM. why? they are amazing! after not thinking i was going to see them, i was able to go to the Chicago show last minute. let me tell you...they were absolutely phenomenal. i highly recommend seeing them, because the new songs definitely will not disappoint you. they played four last night, but i only remember the names of two ("In The Dark" and "Pins And Needles"). my terrible videos may make it onto youtube, but the audio is horrendous...so i might spare your ears. my photographs aren't much better, but i'll try to scour them for some good ones to show you all. i've seen then in 2006, 2007 (House of Blues, not Abbey Pub), 2008, 2009, and now this year...all in Chicago. well, what about the rest of you? what shows have you gone to, or will be going to soon? hopefully you all get a chance to see them, and don't forget about the new album!

"Pins And Needles" - out September 14, 2010. http://www.metropolis-mailorder.com/product.php?prodnum=MET+680

by the way, for those of you new to the TBM concert scene, i urge you to stick around after the show. in case you didn't know, the band tries to hang out and sign autographs. sure pretty much everyone just flocks to Chibi, but the guys tend to mingle with the fans as well. don't forget! always say hello; they are super nice! hm, it must be a Canada thing...

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