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My app.

name: Courtney Ellington
age: 18
location: Naples, FL. If hell were a place on earth for me, filled with old crotchety drivers and old crotchety fashion, this would be it.
a few bands that make you shake like whoa: oh wow. Franz ferdinand, interpol, punjabi mc, jack off jill, dashboard confessional, the used, WEEZER, radiohead, phantom planet, the strokes, rolling stones, the eels, hot hot heat, sahara hot nights, senses fail, thrice, bjork, pete yorn, the 101, bumblebeez 81, the yeah yeah yeah's, green day, dead kennedys, the von bondies, NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL, INTERPOL, the toadies, Alkaline trio, Jimmy eat world, blink 182, MODEST MOUSE, incubus, remy zero, aerosmith, gorillaz, apoptygma berzerk, taking back sunday, brand new, loudermilk, new radicals, switchfoot, infected mushroom, the cars, VNV nation, the white stripes, lit, hoobastank, coldplay, MXPX, deftones, cursive, sigur ros, system of a down, death cab for cutie, blueprint 76, REM, coheed and cambria, beastie boys, shinedown, freemartin, jay-z. Just a few. :D
favorite article of clothing: hmm.. maybe my "B is for Biatch" shirt. And my silver heels.
picture of something you love: , , ,
last movie you saw:
Kill Bill Vol.'s one and two
favorite gum: Orbit sugarless bubble gum
tie dye?: a must.

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