I ought, therefore I can. (malathion) wrote in thesmokinggun_,
I ought, therefore I can.

FEBRUARY 6--Bobby Knight, the infantile college basketball legend, is up to his old, tired tricks. The psychotic coach, who was exiled to Texas Tech after being run out of Indiana University, had his wrist slapped this week for a bizarre run-in with Chancellor Dr. David Smith at, of all places, a Lubbock salad bar. Details of Knight's tirade Monday are contained in the below February 2 memo written by Smith, which Texas Tech's general counsel provided in response to an open records law request. The university also released a draft memo to Knight from Gerald Myers, Tech's athletic director, noting that he would be reprimanded and suspended for three games. Anticipating that discipline, the school prepared a draft press release announcing Knight's brief ban. But before the suspension could be announced, Myers apparently changed his mind, pleading with Smith in a February 3 memo that Knight's suspension would be "detrimental to a positive resolution of the issues involved." When Tech's disciplinary action was announced Tuesday afternoon, the suspension had evaporated. Until next time, the enabling continues. (5 pages)

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