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so i finished.

so i fucking hate Snape. even after that second chapter, i trusted him. i don't care how many times Dumbledore says that he's human, i still trust whatever he says because, hi, he's Dumbledore. even after that second chapter, i continued to trust Snape, because Dumbledore did. i sobbed. i was so down yesterday. my family's like "wtf is wrong with you!" UH DUMBLEDORE DIED. oh my god.

speaking of the second chapter, i was very surprised by the first two. it's always nice to see what's happening outside of Harry's life. i thought it was cool to see the interaction between the Muggle authorities and Wizarding authorities.

Draco. Draco Malfoy is like, the worst Death Eater in the world. that scene between him and Dumbledore was amazing.
"dude, Dumbledore, i'm going to kill you."
"no, Draco. you are not."
"what! i am too!"
"then do it."
"my point exactly, Draco."
okay, i'm paraphrasing, but you get the point.

in the cave. oh my. sososo sad.

i must say, though, that the book felt rather rushed. i didn't hate it, but i did think that it went by really quickly. i didn't think i'd be able to finish it this week, because i have company at my house and i've been working. it's just weird.

Harry not going back to Hogwarts? Hogwarts not even opening again? weird.

BEST PART IN THE BOOK: page 391. i was in drivers ed reading this, trying so hard not to fall over laughing. "I love her," repeated Ron breathlessly. "Have you seen her hair, it'as all black and shiny and silky...and her eyes? Her big dark eyes? And her-" oh man.

the romance stuff..well, it didn't bother me. i like how Ginny/Harry turned out. Ron/Hermione..i like where it is now. Ron/Lavendar is, of course, pretty disgusting. Won-Won. oh, that was sickening. i keep hearing people saying "she shouldn't add any romance! blahblahblah!" but they are sixteen/seventeen. hormones are raging.

what i don't have right now are theories. i, like many others, could only think of Regulus Black as R.A.B.

HEY, AND WHAT ABOUT THE HBP. we found out who it was. Snape. gross. i hate Snape.

i'm done!
(i apologize about how jumpy that is.)

i'm seeing all these "omg you guys are stupid, Dumbledore wanted Snape to kill him! i thought everyone would've picked up on that!" things.

right now, i'm not ready to jump on that bandwagon.

overall, i did think it was a good book. a bit rushed, but good.

theories soon.
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