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Pic Spam... maybe? [10 Dec 2008|12:35am]

Hmm, it saddens me that a community dedicated to such an amazing man, could be so... vacant.

Nobody posts on here. I am determined to make this comm. active. Post all of your The Butcher pictures here (=
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Hi I'm new [13 May 2007|02:52am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

No reason for this, this is just random.

when i met him i thought he was so cute and sweet i wanted to take him home with me. i wish i could have talked to him more but Oh well.

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:D [05 Sep 2006|07:21pm]

oo the butcher is love!!
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[23 Nov 2005|11:46pm]

Wow...no one has posted in this for a while.
So, I thought I would say.
"Get this...I stole the money from his GRANDMA."
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[31 Jul 2005|08:00pm]

if this isnt allowed feel free to delete it...

a while back a friend and I made a TAI icon comm. because there wasnt one...and I just got aroudn to promoting so---

xposted everywhere.
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[01 Apr 2005|04:00pm]

first poster here. :)
im popping the virginity bubble.
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