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ps_ - A Simon/Paula Community [entries|friends|calendar]
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[22 Oct 2008|09:20pm]

I emailed a magazine that had Paula on it, when I asked about back-order issue they gave me this, its bigger than any I have seen before of this picture :)

It came as a PDF but here are screen shots of what I am talking about:

And here is the link for the PDF


Enjoy :)
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[07 Sep 2008|09:01pm]
Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Lauren Graham, Paula Abdul, 90210, Gilmore Girls, The OC, Pushing Daisies

37 icons here at iconicflurry
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Just throwing in an idea for a fic [26 Aug 2008|12:30am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

So if you haven't been updated, a four judge has been chosen to sit next to Paula, Randy and Simon. Her name is  Kara DioGuardi, she is a song writer and quite beautiful from what I saw. So, obviously, my rabbit bunny started to go nuts with ideas for fics. But since I don't really think I'm that much of a writer, I'm throwing you here a curve ball and let's see if anyone can come up with a fic about what will happen to our Saula once another female judge will be added to the table.
It's also  way to wake this community up a little.

So lets see those fics coming! :)

P.S. her myspace if anyone wants to take a look: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=99668840

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[25 Aug 2008|07:18pm]
The OC (including the finale episode, seth/summer, ryan/marissa and Taylor), Willa Holland, Rachel Bilson, Adam Brody, Lisa Edelstein, Paula Abdul, Celine Dion, Catherine Zeta Jones, Milo Ventimiglia, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole, The Dark Knight (Joker)

48 icons here at iconicflurry
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[30 Jul 2008|03:01pm]

A few animated saula icons..

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An Inconvenient Truth- Fanfic [08 Jul 2008|10:42pm]

[ mood | tired ]

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Five Years Paula Spends Without Simon (And One She Does) (1/1) [08 Jul 2008|12:24pm]

Title: Five Years Paula Spends Without Simon (And One She Does)
Author: emily_waters
Fandom: American Idol (Paula & Simon)
Rating: PG
Summary: 30 years in the life of Paula Abdul.

five yearsCollapse )
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Some Saula icons [07 Jul 2008|10:46pm]

 LOL. Back again at icon making! I've made some Saula icons, with few solo icons of Paula Abdul. I also made a set of Dance like there's no tomorrow text icons.

Those Text icons at DLNT are part of the DLNT lyrics by our beloved Paula Abdul. : )
This is the second time I've been doing text icons.

My first ones is THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Lyrics Icons. CLICK THERE PHANS!!! : )

001-009 - Saula
010-016 - Paula Abdul
017-026- DLNT text icons



Click >>> HERE to see more Saula icons
More random icons at
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Hi Everyone! [23 Jun 2008|10:35pm]


Hello! I am new here. I hope I am welcome... I also made a banner of Paula Abdul in Dance Like There's No Tomorrow.

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[08 Jun 2008|04:45pm]

Hey guys! I hope this is okay to post here =D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Fact [24 May 2008|05:35pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Paula is #1 on Simon's friends in myspace.

Isn't it adorable?! he loves her!!! ^O^

Just wanted to share :3

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paula vid [23 May 2008|02:23am]

I made a dance video for her before (What A Feeling) but that only consisted of clips from her music videos. This one's got a bunch of old live performances and clips from her tours. I made this particular video to play up her sex appeal & unique style.

[ H E R E @ alchemic_dreams ]
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fic: A Proportional Response (1/1) [14 May 2008|03:20pm]

Title: A Proportional Response
Author: emily_waters
Fandom: American Idol (Paula & Simon)
Rating: PG
Summary: Simon tries to take one for the team.
Disclaimer: I do not own American Idol and you can't own real people, so there you go.

A Proportional ResponseCollapse )
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[13 May 2008|10:31pm]

Does anyone have THE Kiss in HQ to share??? I would burn it but I sadly have a defective Dvd, it plays THAT segment fine, but I am nervous about putting it in my computer XD


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Hello people! [09 May 2008|05:29pm]

[ mood | content ]

Is this community still active?

I'm new here and a big fan of saula. I was wondering if you have here any fics, or if you can direct me to a good site with saula fics.



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[28 Apr 2008|01:43am]

[05] Judges/Ryan
[10] Paula
[15] Simon/Paula

[ H E R E @ alchemic_dreams ]
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idol gives back icons [13 Apr 2008|02:22am]


[ H E R E @ alchemic_dreams ]
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[10 Apr 2008|02:37pm]

Icon dump! Step up, Paula Abdul, Dannii Minogue, Blake Lively + 1 texture set =D

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

H E R E// at letthislifego. Feel free to watch for updates ♥
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[08 Apr 2008|03:49pm]

Hey, guys! At the weekend I started to write a new fanfic (it's up on SH too) and I thought I'd post it here ♥

It's Like That ~ N17

Just so you know, it's A/U so it's not based on AI at all =] This is just the first chapter =D
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[06 Apr 2008|09:10pm]

50 icons
Lisa Edelstein, House M.D., Hugh Laurie & Helen Mirren, Michelle Pfeiffer, Paula Abdul, American Idol


[ all of them here @ some_small_way ]

post is public for one week. locked? JOIN to see the icons (?)
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