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Beautiful Seductions

Orders Up

Age;; 17
Location;; Ohio
Reason for Applying (no generic bs.. we all know you saw the banners cause we promote so much.. tell us what caught your attention);;
Just saw it in a journal and decided to give it a try
::Why do you think you should be accepted?:: because i'm a cutie with a booty,
::How do you feel about gay marriage?:: it should be legal, if two people love eachother why not let them get married its a big deal and marriage is something really special that nobody should have to go without just because of the sex of their partner.
::How do you feel about teen pregancy?:: Honestly, I think its cute when a couple is serious and they can take care of a child. I have nothing against teen pregancy if the couple can take care of the kid. But when it comes to the kid being in danger or no chance to lead a good life then i think the couple should stick with birth control and condoms
::If your best friend kissed your boyfriend, what would you do?:: get her back x3 then she wont do it again
::What are your 6 most frequent hobbies?:: writing,singing, gymnastics,jogging,hair cutting,x-box
::What type of music do you enjoy?::When it comes to music i'm a weirdo, i love everything from country to hard rock. christian to 80's so i cant really pin point a type of music i like it just depends on my mood and whats avaliable to me at the time.
::Do you believe in love at first sight?:: no, i like to get to know someone before i give my heart away its been stomped on one too many times
::Have you had any prior experience being in a community?::yep bunches
::Do you think that you would be a good member of this community?:: yes because i like being on the computer and i love to comment and see bunches of people,
::Has anyone ever told you the you are pretty, beautiful, ect.?:: yesum
::Do you have a role model? If so state who and why.::Marilyn Monroe because she is the portrait of beauty

::Who is your favorite actor/actress?:: Tom Hanks/ Sandra Bullock
::What is your favorite movie?:: Along Came Polly
::What is your favorite color?:: Orange
::Who is your favorite singer/band?:: Gwen Stephani/Green Day
::What is your favorite thing to do on a date?:: Go dancing

-Final Question-
::If you become a pretty_lady what is the first thing you will do?:: promote and then vote

Give an acronym of your name;;
Kibbles n bits is what i feed my dog
Eats a lot of Mexican
Loves animals
Enjoys talking to people
Is very generous
Goes shopping daily
Hates when people harm animals

Please post in 3 journals or 1 ACTIVE community...list them here.

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