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First of all bitch, tell me your:
Name: Lisa
Age: 18
Location: LA
Status: single
Size: 2
Occupation: I'm still working on my college plans.
Grade: I graduated highschool last year.

About you:
How would you describe yourself: Opinionated, reasonable, logical, open-minded. Very sweet when I want to be.
How would others describe you: Someone who's nice to her friends.
Would you be friends with yourself if you were someone else: Hmm. Probably not.
What is your dream job: A spy. Or a computer graphics designer for Square or Pixar.
What does your LJ name mean: I love the color purple. And when I found out there was a purple bear, I had to name myself after it.
Your most embarrassing moment: I was in the middle of changing my tampon in the bathroom when my boyfriend's dad walked in on me.
What's the meanest thing that's ever done to you by someone else: The guy I was seeing was still sleeping with his ex. That went on, unknown to me (obviously), for about four months.

Why are you:
Loved: Because I'm sugar and spice and everything nice, can't you tell? *bats eyelashes*
Hated: Because people just can't stand to hear the truth.
Feared: Because my bite is definitely just as strong as my bark.

What do you think about:
Gay marriages: If two people want to celebrate their love in matrimony, then good for them.
Teenage pregnancy: It's sad that they'll have to grow up, but honorable that they're taking responsibility for their actions.
Abortion: Well, I think it's a pussy way out. If you get pregnant then you deal with it. Don't kill another person to get you out of your mess. But hey, in the end, it's really all your choice.
Drugs/Alcohol: I personally prefer natural highs, but whatever floats your boat. As long as they're taken in moderation and stupid things that may harm others (ie. driving) aren't done under their influence.
Capital Punishment: I'm all for it. If the law says you get that punishment when you do that crime, then that's what you get.

*It all sums up to taking responsibility for your actions and their consequences.

your best friend: She's so naive, it's sad. She's in college now and she told me she was shocked when her roommate brought her boyfriend in their room and they sat together on her bed. She was scandalized when I mentioned flavored condoms. And she's completely clueless when our guy friends joke about eating "fresh, tangy, oysters."
Someone you hate: My ex is obnoxious. He talks himself up to my model friends by name-dropping and mentioning commercials he's been in when he was like, ten years old. He asks sex-related questions to my friend either a) because he's trying to advertise that he's having sex, or b) because he doesn't have friends of his own. Maybe both. In any case, he's pathetic.
Someone you love: My little sister lets her boyfriend step all over her. I'm always trying to get her to wake up and smell all the different perfumes on him, but she's so blinded by love or whatever. She's such a princess who can't do anything on her own, and she definitely has to learn to stand up for herself. She needs to grow some balls.
2 celebs of your choice:
1. Julia Roberts - Her part as a slut in Pretty Woman suited her well, it was almost as if she wasn't acting. And, geez, her lips can fit about four bananas.
2. Renee Zellweger - All I remember is her flabby, fat, jiggly ass, which really shouldn't be shown on any sort of public viewing device for it burns eyes. Shame on Bridget Jones's Diary for making us see it repeatedly.

Make or break:
A dirty secret that no knows: I experimented back when I shared an apartment with three lesbians. But no, I have to say, I'm really straight.
What is the bitchiest thing that you've ever done: I broke up with my boyfriend during his father's wake. Our relationship was rocky and he thought he could keep me by proposing (with a silver ring) that I run away with him and live happily ever after. At sixteen? I don't think so. It isn't my fault he popped the question at that time.
Why should you be accepted: Because I'd fit right in here.

How did you find us: The invitation in modelgirl's LJ.



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