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26 February 2011 @ 02:03 am

Title: New Love? (6/?)
Pairing: Main: HanHyuk, HanChul Side: EunHae, ShiChul, KiHae
Rating: R
Warning: semi graphic sex
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst
Overall Summary: HanGeng re-joins Super Junior. He thought he had left his feelings for Heechul in China. But, when he returns Eunhyuk confesses to him, and he agrees to be together. Is this a new love? Or will Heechul try to win him back?
Last Chapter Summary: HanGeng agrees to go on a date with Eunhyuk. Did he truly discover his feelings for Eunhyuk to be true? and, why did Donghae pop out of no where? There date can be said to be ruined.

"“Merry Christmas” He said. Me and HanGeng where just standing there amazed at the sight of him popping up.
“KIBUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!” Was all we heard someone yell as I saw Donghae tackle the man at the door soon the rest followed."

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