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12 January 2011 @ 06:51 am

Title: making the wrong or right choice
Author: [info]vanillafishy ~ (posting @ princess_heehee )
Pairing: Haehyuk…. Really really really onesided hyohyuk
Summary: A choice means changing your life, but there is always someone that makes the wrong choice which leads to a negative change in life...
Rating: pg-13 will be higher later on
Genre: romance etc etc etc ~ idk
Warning: uhm it fails
Disclaimer: they tell me i'm Heechul's younger sister, so he owns me and i own Eunhyuk since he owns Donghae [sadly they aren't mine]
A/N: sequel of having a little sister.. AND OHMYGOD HERE IT IS FINALLY. It took me such a long time to finish it

'' I nod at him, to scared that if I say something it will come out way too excited ''
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