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21 November 2010 @ 10:09 pm
title: Happy Together Chapter 1
pairing: eventual!Kangteuk
rating: PG-13 for language, very SLIGHT use of language
notes: sorry it's been a long time! i got confused as to which chapter i stopped on ^^;

summary: Leeteuk and Kangin are known as the parents of Super Junior, figuratively that is... well, not anymore.

In the mall…

“Teuk- err, UMMA! Can I PLEASE have this one??” Heechul begged for the umpteenth time, already near tears and pulling off the injured puppy look. Leeteuk sighed and put down the matching jumpers he was thinking of buying Eunhyuk, Donghae and Sungmin. “Heechul, for the LAST TIME, you are a BOY and BOYS do NOT wear DRESSES.” The child glared at him for one last time and stomped off to see if he can persuade Kangin to buy him the pretty outfit; Kangin, under all the manliness, just couldn’t resist a sad child – especially his child. Leeteuk rolled his eyes at his now eldest child’s antics and went back to looking for matching outfits for his three four year olds; he was debating whether or not they would appreciate overalls when he suddenly felt two tugs on either side of his legs. He looked down, ready to tell Heechul yet again that dresses were NOT for boys only to be greeted by the bright faces of Ryeowook and Sungmin. His signature dimple came out as he smiled at the two asking them sweetly, “Yes, babies?”
“Umma, we have something to show you” Yes, leave it to Sungmin and Ryeowook, the champions of aegyo to pull their charms out and lead the poor unsuspecting leader to a different clothing section.

With Sungmin and Ryeowook with Leeteuk, Kangin was handling all the other children. At first it started out with just Siwon, Hankyung, Kibum, Shindong, Yehsung, and Kyuhyun; everything was going along peacefully, they weren’t as picky as the other children, all of them giving the “okay” for all the shorts, shirts and other attires for little boys their age. He was done shopping for his half of the brood and was finally going to yield to Shindong’s wish and treat the kids to some ice cream when an obviously huffy Heechul came stomping in his direction. The pretty boy came to a full halt in front of his group, crossed his arms and tried to look as miserable as possible. Kangin could feel Kyuhyun squirm in his arms at the sight of a pouty Heenim. The appa of the group exchanged raised eyebrows with his youngest as if saying “I wonder what happened to him now…” He looked down to his oldest “child” and sighed, “What’s wrong, Chullie?”The crossed arms fell to the child’s sides and crossed at the back as the child began to stare at the floor and shuffle his feet, he looked up through his eyelashes and asked meekly, “Does Appa love Chullie?” Kyuhyun and Kibum rolled their eyes and gave inward sighs, ‘Great, he’s finally brought out the guilt card’ Kibum thought to himself turning away to inspect the prices of some of the clothing. He looked up to see Kyuhyun staring at the ground longingly from their Kangin Appa’s arms. ‘Heh, poor Kyu.’ He grinned and stuck his tongue out mischievously at the now scandalized two year old and continued to mind his own business as Heechul unleashed his drama and aegyo skills at their poor unsuspecting Appa. ‘Or maybe I should watch, this is probably going to be quite interesting.’ The three year old smirked to himself and walked back to Siwon to watch the drama scene unfold.

A/N: (hides) sorry if it's a short one >.<
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